Podcast: National Championship Recap and 2020 Wrap Up

We wrap up a 2020 College Football season like no other, discuss the National Championship game where Alabama defeated Ohio State, recap our favorite games and moments from this season, and finish off with our final Elo Rankings of the year.

  • Alabama defeats Ohio State in the National Championship (2:55-8:51)
  • 2020 Season Highlights and Our Top 3 Games (8:52-15:42)
  • Evaluating Elo in 2020 (15:43-21:05)
  • Where Alabama ranks historically (21:06-29:33)
  • Final Elo Rankings (29:35-31:16)
  • Offseason Plans (32:30-34:50)
  • Fill out our podcast survey (34:50-35:42)

S3E26 – January 13th, 2021 – 2020 Week 19 – Conclusion of 2020 CFB Season

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