Podcast: Going for 2, Will the Big 12 Have a Playoff Team, and Drew Explains Acrylic Pour Painting

We dive into the analytics of the decision-making process when deciding to go for the 2-point conversion vs. kicking the extra point. Spoiler alert: you should probably go for two, like, every time…

  • 1:22 – Acrylic Pour Painting and Pumpkin Carving: We’re getting all our fall stuff out of the way before the Big Ten season returns
  • 7:59 – The math behind going for two, and the factors that influence that decision in CFB and the NFL
  • 9:40 – Kyle is fed up with shotgun run plays on 4th and 1.
  • 11:35 – Easy expected value explanation
  • 24:29 – Week 5 Recap
  • 30:05 – Will the Big 12 get anyone in the CFB Playoff?
  • 33:32 – A rough week, but the Staturdays Special shines
  • 40:05 – Week 6 Picks (VT @ UNC, TENN @ UGA, MIA @ CLEM)

S3E12 – October 7th, 2020 – Week 6

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