Podcast: Week 1 Recap: Navy Doesn’t Practice, Biggest Upsets, and What We Miss About Tailgating

Actual FBS College Football games were played last weekend to our delight. And College Gameday was on TV (1:23), albeit for 2 hours and it started at 11.

  • 2:33 – What we miss most about tailgating
  • 6:20 – Week 1, how Elo did, and Navy doesn’t know how to tackle
  • 7:44 – Drew explains positive expected value bets
  • 14:00 – Biggest Upsets and Elo Movers in Week 1
  • 20:31 – Updated Preseason Elo Ratings and Expected Wins
  • 22:15 – Drew talks about the season simulations
  • 37:13 – The B1G playing will they, won’t they, and do we need a College Football Playoff Playoff?

S3E8 – September 9th, 2020 – Week 2

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