Podcast: Home Field Advantage, Pass and Rush Correlation, Preseason Elo Ratings + Subscribe to our Newsletter for our Week 1 Predictions

College football is officially back!

  • 1:48 – We talk how no fans will affect home field advantage this season, how it’s traditionally calculated, the top places for the home field effect, and how we handle this in Elo.
  • 20:50 – With spring football looming, we talk whether more players will be opting out, and would fans care? 
  • 26:31 – Our preseason Elo Ratings are up on our site, and we updated our Elo system to improve it.
  • 32:45 – We review the reasons behind the correlation between pass and rush offense by looking at the article by @903124S’s guest column in Football Outsiders 
  • Our Week 1 CFB Predictions newsletter goes out later this week, with betting advice, win probabilities, and Elo ratings. Subscribe for free to get the first issue to your inbox at staturdays.substack.com.

S3E7 – September 2nd, 2020 – Week 1

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