Podcast: CFB Playoff Semifinal Picks + Rest of NY6 Bowl Games

Our first live show on Twitter brings bowl-season picks using Elo ratings, Expected Points Added, and success rates. Hear our thoughts on all the New Year’s Six bowl games, including the two College Football Playoff Semifinals.

  • Liberty’s kneeling struggles vs. Coastal Carolina (1:50-7:49)
  • Alabama-Notre Dame (8:15-17:16)
  • Clemson-Ohio State (17:20-23:30)
  • Florida-Oklahoma (23:35-27:22)
  • Georgia-Cincinnati (27:23-31:49)
  • Auburn-Northwestern (31:50-35:37)
  • Texas A&M-UNC (35:38-38:18)
  • Elo Picks (38:19-41:30)

S3E24 – December 30th, 2020 – 2020 Week 17 – CFB Playoff Semifinal and Bowl Games

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