Podcast: The Shoe Throw and Conference Championship Picks

Florida fall a foot short of victory and Kyle Trask is no longer a shoe-in for the Heisman.

  • LSU-Florida and the shoe-toss (3:40-10:45)
  • USC-UCLA (10:45-17:07)
  • Penn State on a three-game win streak (17:08-22:26)
  • Heisman Odds Updated (22:28-31:15)
  • College Football Playoff Rankings (32:05-42:06)
  • Conference Championships Preview (42:18-58:08)

S3E22 – December 16th, 2020 – 2020 Week 15

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National Championship Recap and 2020 Wrap Up Staturdays

We wrap up a 2020 College Football season like no other, discuss the National Championship game where Alabama defeated Ohio State, recap our favorite games and moments from this season, and finish off with our final Elo Rankings of the year. Alabama defeats Ohio State in the National Championship (2:55-8:51) 2020 Season Highlights and Our Top 3 Games (8:52-15:42) Evaluating Elo in 2020 (15:43-21:05) Where Alabama ranks historically (21:06-29:33) Final Elo Rankings (29:35-31:16) Offseason Plans (32:30-34:50) Fill out our podcast survey (34:50-35:42)   Join the conversation on Facebook Live Tuesday nights at 8 PM Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest articles straight to your inbox Read the latest articles on College Football Analytics Learn more about the advanced stats we talk about on the show with College Football Stats Explained And as always, please rate 5 stars, subscribe, and share with friends! Thank you! S3E26 – January 13th, 2021 – 2020 Week 19 – Conclusion of 2020 CFB Season
  1. National Championship Recap and 2020 Wrap Up
  2. CFB National Championship Stats (Elo, EPA, Success Rates) + Predictions
  3. CFB Playoff Semifinal Picks + Rest of NY6 Bowl Games
  4. Conference Championship Recap + Heisman Prediction Model
  5. The Shoe Throw and Conference Championship Picks

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