Podcast: Week 11 Preview + College Football Playoff Rankings, Penn State vs. Minnesota, and ESPN Coaches Poll

23. 2019 Wk 11. Penn State is ranked #4 ahead of Clemson and Georgia! We give our predictions for the CFP Committee rankings, then give our live reactions once we find out the true order. We get into the Penn State vs. Minnesota game, break down the offenses, defenses, and QBs, and make our picks. Then, Drew talks a bit about the best RBs in the Big Ten and some of the stats we can use to measure them. He also explains Line Yards, which is a cool metric used to give value to the offensive line separate from the running back. Finally, we get into our Week 11 picks including the biggest game of the week, 1 LSU vs. 2 Alabama. Thanks for tuning in and remember to follow @staturdays on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to us on Spotify and Apple.

Listen to the latest episode here!


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