Week 7 Elo Rankings

After a wild Week 6 that saw the #1 team drop to unranked Texas A&M, you'd expect a massive shakeup in the Elo ratings. Or at least you'd think. In reality, things haven't moved all that much. While A&M were unranked in the AP Poll, Elo ratings actually put them at 13th last week. This … Continue reading Week 7 Elo Rankings

“Oh-🦆”– Ryan Day

Plus: A thought about 'Bama-Florida, and a 10% Vegas underdog đź‘€ Well that just happened… We ended up having some quality college football games—and even better weather—on Saturday. The sun was out, which meant double-TVs on the deck (had to watch the US Open women’s final too, of course!) And I watched another Pac-12 game, … Continue reading “Oh-🦆”– Ryan Day