Week 4 Elo Rankings

Here are the rankings for all FBS teams heading into Week 4 of the college football season, using our Elo rating system. We've revamped the table to include more info on who each team beat last week, and how many spots up or down in the rankings they moved. Utah and Indiana dropped out of … Continue reading Week 4 Elo Rankings

Quarterback Play After an Interception

I'm here to tell you how college football quarterbacks handle adversity. Which ones crawl under a rock to hide after throwing an interception, and which ones brush it off and get back out there. Basically, which QBs play better after throwing an interception—learning from their mistake—and which ones sink into a depression and lose all … Continue reading Quarterback Play After an Interception

Season Simulations for all Power 5 Conference Teams: 9/7/2021

Using our Elo ratings, which serve as a measure of each team’s strength and update after each game, we simulated the remaining college football season 10,000 times. This was done for every matchup for every team across the sport, and we've separated out the result for each Power 5 conference below. Using our Elo ratings, we … Continue reading Season Simulations for all Power 5 Conference Teams: 9/7/2021