Week 16 Elo Rankings

Well folks, after 15 weeks that felt like 30 weeks, we finally made it. Conference Championship week is here, and all five Power-5 conferences are hosting games. We'll have those win probabilities up later this week, but for now, let's see how the Elo rankings look after the regular season. For more CFB Playoff analysis, … Continue reading Week 16 Elo Rankings


Week 15 Elo Rankings

After 14 weeks of college football, Elo has the same top 4 as the College Football Playoff Committee (in a slightly different order). After that, things look a bit different, notably with LSU at 5, who fell off significantly from last year's National Championship team. With shortened seasons in some conferences, prior-year performance is still … Continue reading Week 15 Elo Rankings

Updated Preseason College Football Rankings

We've updated our Elo Ratings since the last time we wrote about them. Specifically, we've recalculated the expected wins and win probabilities of all the teams based on their updated schedules. This resulted in lower overall win totals given the shortened season, but some teams have a higher win probability for the season as a … Continue reading Updated Preseason College Football Rankings